(Lietuviškai) Lisabona – Vladivostokas žvilgsnis iš šalies

How actually everything has started. To drive a motorbike was a dream of my youth. It has been influenced by riding a bike in my childhood with friends from early morning till late evening. So, two-wheel vehicles are very familiar to me. To implement this dream earlier was not possible due to the financial situation, later on, when possibilities I‘ve had the already, I was deeply abandoned to another activities.
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The breaking point occurred when I was traveling on motorbike one month around Black Sea in 2009. That time I was invited to join this trip as an operator and this action has returned me my dreams about motorbikes. During 30 days we‘ve crossed nearly 10 000km. I went as a passenger and to sit on a back seat during all the trip was a quite big challenge for me. For those who carried me on a bike were not easy also – the route passed also by sands and gravel roads, not only asphalts. To the questions such as why exactly this route and why on the motorbike, I will answer simply – the organization and implementation of this route was quite simple, because it is in Europe and because it is in Russia, where we have similar mentality, all the processes acting there are more or less understandable.
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Why motorbike? The main reason of this and all future ridings is that Vitoldas Milius, the chief editor of the magazine Autobild Lithuania and the greatest car rider in Lithuania, was the inspirer of mine. And I like to drive a motorbike more than a car. There was no one more similar to me clown in Lithuania, so I decided to take this place. I think that many people thought that how such inexperienced bike driver even dared to think about such trip, that he drives a motorbike just the second year and already planned such a far away trip… won’t it be a trying to jump over his head? But for those who know me very well such questions didn’t appear and they believe in my success more than myself. My consideration on this issue was very simple. The experienced enduro drivers may be will sneer, but I was going to travel not to Dakar rally, but to Vladivostok. And the trip will be on the road. Will it be better or worse – this will depend on the success, but the ground is the same as I was training and drove my first kilometers on. In other words “I will have to go straight” ☺, so slowly and carefully Vladivostok will be reached.
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Vitoldas Milius has passed the road Lisbon-Vladivostok within 11 days and nearly 16 hours in 2010. Everybody who have ever driven further than from their home till the closest café, will agree with me that for motorbike driver to race the car driver in marathon distances is the same as running on the ice to overtake skating Viktor An.
For not a motorbike drives I will explain more simply – sitting in a car you are more protected from environmental influences, you can sit quite relaxed, to drive with one hand or to change to another or to drive with legs and eat the sandwich at the same time. Driving a motorbike you have to be much more careful and focused, you must always keep the steering wheel with your right hand, because you need to “turn the handle” all the time (unless there is a speed control system). Your whole body is working much more than driving a car, what determines a faster fatigue. Of course, in most cases the motorcycle moves faster in the traffic, but most of the motorcycles can drive the distance of only 200-300 kilometers with the full fuel tank, while most of the cars can not 600-900km. So it is 3 times more. And if to express all this in figures, we get that the bike speed had to be 5km/h bigger only due to the filling the fuel tank. And if to add food, cloth changing at different weather, the speed difference is already 15km/h. Usually I can drive 2200-2500km within a day with a standard car. Show me a biker who is able to drive such a distance I’d like to shake his hand. I’m not going to say it is not possible, but such people are unique.
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Shortly turned to not so shortly. The idea has started to generate in February of 2013 and from that time I’ve started to implement it every day. In every free minute I was studying the route. Turning back I could say that my homework was made perfectly.
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The motorcycle was transported from Vilnius to the capital of Portugal within 4 days and one week it was kept in DSV terminal until I came. The next day after I came to Lisbon was allocated to take a bike from the terminal, unpacking, shaping and taking photos at Cabo da Roca.
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And here it came – the long-awaited day has dawned – 2013 August 1.
There are only 40 kilometers from my hotel in Lisbon to the most Western point of Eurasia. As there were very hot in the evening, I’ve decided to dress the summer motor cloths. And here I made my first mistake. There were only 19 degrees in the morning, so it was not so warm to drive wearing the summer cloths. I didn’t find any person at the memorial cross stone, and why they could be here on such cold and early morning.
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More few photos were taken and sent to Lithuania and at 7 o’clock of local time I moved on empty and meandering road back towards Lisbon, and from there to the North East towards Spain town Valladolido and then towards Bordeux. I have seceded to drive 1400km during the first day. The advance plan was improved by 100km, because I planned to drive from Lisbon to Bordeux.
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And it was possible to drive even more if there weren’t so hot 40-42 degrees, but the faster you go the more heat you feel. I slept about 6-7 hours during the first trip night, and woke up in the morning even before the alarm clock ring feeling well rested. On Friday after 3 p.m. I was already in Germany, but I was met by terrible traffic jams. It was Friday afternoon, summertime and it was normal, that people were travelling somewhere. The idea that this day will be not so hot was wrong – in the morning was only 15 degrees, but later the heat raised up to 42 degrees again, the traffic jam was of 150km long moving in 15km/h and at the end of the day the car accident on road work section form a traffic jam of 20km long which I could passed within 2 hours because of the motorbike. On the second day I drove nearly 1400km again and reached Leipzig, where Vitoldas Milius, German schnitzel and a big glass of beer were waiting for me. After a good schnitzel and 6 hours high-quality sleep, I moved towards Berlin. The temperature raised up to 32 degrees in the afternoon, but closer to Lithuania decreased up to 26. The weather to drive was perfect. Today highways in Poland are newly built and a big pleasure to drive on such roads, the only sad thing is that the road fee for motorbikes is the same like cars, but however the average speed is the same like in Germany. But if you’d like to drive not so boring you need to choose the local roads, not highways.
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In the evening I’ve reached Vilnius after 1200km drive. Very close to Vilnius I’ve met two motorbikers from Holland, so I’ve stopped to ask if they needed some help. But they didn’t, they stopped just to analyze the further route. And who could imagine that after ten minutes I needed help myself. I stopped to fill the fuel tank in station close to my home and just suddenly the motorcycle showered in coolant liquid and steam. It seemed that the trip was finished in the most unexpected place and in the most unexpected way. Before my trip this motorbike was used in Estonia as demo bike. And during one test-driving the customer couldn’t held it and sliding the road he hit the curb and as the result the decorative plastic details were broken. All details were changed, but nobody has noticed that during this accident the cooling radiator was hit and because of that it has moved in a few millimeters from its place. So due to this reason, the ventilator leaned on radiator, and after some time it has been rubbed through. If shortly, after a few hours the radiator has been changed into a new one, removed from another analogous motorbike in Honda representative service office Nippon Auto Lithuania. As the malfunction was not very complicated, so it could be repaired in any place of the trip with the instruments and knowledge I had. Just at home it was possible to fix everything faster and more simply. As I went to sleep only after a midnight, I afforded to sleep longer the sunrise. The closest purpose was to reach Latvian – Russian border.
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The weather was perfect, felt rested and ready to move on. I was worried about crossing the border. Everything was legal and orderly, but the previous experience shows that it’s necessary to be prepared for all suddenness. Luckily, there was no queue, so to the customs territory I’ve entered quite fast, but here the success ended. There were only four cars in front of me, but maybe lunch or shift changing or some other reasons disturbed to start their job nearly two hours. After a complete meal the overbearing aunt invited me to go out of turn, so all the process took about half an hour. 0
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The road from the border to Moscow was not similar to a nightmare. Some parts of road covering were the entire new, some not so new but quite good. The road works disturbed my driving most, but to overcome them on motorbike was easier. I did not stand in a queue at a traffic light. I just simply passed forwards and stopped at the forefront of the column, and when the green light turned on I skedaddled further without disturbing anyone. The road through Rezekne (Latvia) – this is the way to scare children. I have approached Moscow after dark already. The car flow was enormous. It was Sunday evening, everybody were back home from somewhere. On two-lane roads there were four lanes and one “green” lane for the cars marked “X” or for cars cost over 50000USD. I strictly kept the set goal of the day – to get sleep outside Moscow. I understood clearly that if I stop before Moscow I would be stuck in Monday morning traffics for a half day. I passed Moscow by MKAD road. At 11 p.m. the traffic is still very intensive. The flow moves in 110km/h on all four lanes. I was very surprised that the most of the traffic users traveled very predictable with all the turn signals. The first time from a very beginning of my trip I was cached by rain on way out from Moscow. It is quite difficult to drive at rainy night, particularly the additional lights are missing. It was already passed 5283km from the very beginning. I stopped for a sleep in a small hotel outside Moscow.

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The next day began with sun shining, but it continued very shortly and the rest of the day it was raining making the driving conditions more complicated. On a way there were a lot of road works sections and you could be happy that the civilization came into Russia and the roads will be so good as in Europe soon, but unfortunately even the repaired road sections are rutted and not smooth. Perhaps the road workers have missed the lessons of geometry at school or possible they have learned lessons about curves very well. So, there are not so many of good road sections and the European roads still should wait. The crosses and memorial stones near the road represent the bad road condition and the absence of truck mode. There are sections where are more than three memorial stones or crosses for those who died on that road at the same place. Want it or not, the speed decreases unintentionally. Because the sleep was planned in Ufa at home of my friend Alexandr, I had also to drive after a dark. A rare stretch of road is marked with reflective columns, indicating the edge of the road, in Russia. To drive without the road columns and lines in unknown and not the bet road was quite complicated. But the result of the day anyway was very good – I drove about 1200km and the totally travelled distance was about 6600km. Alexandr and his wife were waiting for me in Ufa. The warm dinner and soft bedding was prepared for me. After communicating with beautiful and fun family I felt into bed. I slept for about 5 hours and it seemed I got used to the lack of sleep. There was a little confusion because of the changing the timelines. My body really did not have time to switch to the daily changing sleep schedule.

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Speaking about the food – the people living the healthy lifestyle would curse me. From a beginning of my trip they main food was that was possible to get fast in fuel stations – hot dogs, hamburgers and all other fast food. The nutritional value of such food is poor, but it clogs the stomach. The water is more important during the trip. I always had a reserve of water using Kriega 3 liter flask and this was enough for the whole day. When the weather was very hot and I drank more water, I had to fill water reserves also in fuel stations. Providing a drink to myself I also had to take care about the bike. As I have been warned in advance, the lack of fuel is more relevant in Europe than in Russia. At least in this stage of the journey I was counting the stations about every 10 miles where still possible to find A-76 petrol brand, which is probably remembered by those who saw the Moscow Olympics games and the Mishka flight above the stadium. More often than fuel stations I saw wheel repair services, where it is possible to buy all kinds of tires, to patch and repair. It shows what kind of roads are here and who make business from it. It is very familiar to see the car with two, three or even four spare wheels on the roof. According to the number of wheels it is possible to guess about the length of the journey or about the driver’s stupidity. To drive from Moscow to Vladivostok without piercing the tire it is equivalent to the Moon flight. The numbers of discarded tires in the roadside ditches would cause the heart attack for Germans. Ecology is something distant… much further than Vladivostok.
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I got the question from many people about how I was not bored to travel alone so many days. Well, I didn’t give the vow of silence, so when I stopped in approximately every two hours or 200km to fill the tank, I always communicated with local aboriginal people, who were very curious about “how much does it cost and what is the traction?” After these questions they were interested in the engine and quantity of cylinders, then asking about the fuel consumption and when they knew it, just nodded the heads saying that it is the same as a car. And finally they were asking about me, where I am from and where I’m driving to. The surprise level changed from the start place towards the finish depending from the proportion of driven and left kilometers. Everybody sighed when heard the trip purpose in a very beginning of trip and further I heard more and more surprises about the start place.
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The sixth day was very difficult. Chelyabinsk… everybody knows that here live the most wrathful men, who don’t drive motorbikes, but worn them on hands. Chelyabinsk was founded as a fortress, and today it is the area center and a huge heavy industry city. This city is famous in the world not because of the hero of “Nasha Russia”, but because of meteorite dropped close to Chelyabinsk. Its impressive landing was filmed by Russians in 168 full HD cameras, mounted in different brand cars. I can assure that meteorite has landed very close to Chelyabinsk. Although I was not there at that time, but the fact that it has reached the Earth in this place is testified with diverse sized craters and the surrounding roads. I couldn’t find the other explanation about there were so many pits on the road.
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Chelyabinsk has been passed and the funniest further route become the way to Omsk. My nice “Garmin” navigation system showed the direct shortest and fastest route to Omsk through Kazakhstan. That section was very short just 200km. The reason of this situation was because of the road was built very long time ago in Soviet Union times, when nobody cared about the roads crossing separate areas of different Republics. So to reach Omsk I had two options to choose one – either to cross Kazakhstan and to stuck in two customs posts for about 5-6 hours or to go around. I chose the second one. Suddenly the huge dust cloud appeared in front of my eyes, the trucks were moving out and into it. On a way of bypass I saw a warning road sign declaring that the road here is disordered and speed limit is 40km/h. Such road passed for about 30km.
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It is even not possible to call this road as forest path – it was look like it was bombed. Nevertheless, driving 40km/h speed, I overtook all the rest cars as they were not moving, and everybody looked at me jealously that I was moving so fast. I’ve reached Ishim late that evening, and one biker noticed me looking for the closest hotel in my navigation system, he came to me and explained the hotel I was going to choose is like a hostel for a price of 4-star hotel. After such characterization it was not necessary to convince me to go for a sleep to the “hotel” so called “moto post” built specifically for traveling bikers. Jevgenij apologized so many times for the discomforts, the outside toilette, minimum house electricity. But anyway it was the roof overhead and particularly fast what was also very important to me. It was not necessary to think about nothing looking for bear bearing ant to try to deal with bear in good way that it would let you to sleep there or even to try to fight it. Came in, spent the night and went away. There were nobody who could offer me 50g to drink or maybe I didn’t seem to be worth of it, or maybe I simply don’t remember as was very tired. But I didn’t refuse to use the can food what I found in fridge. The morning weather was quite cool and fresh. I got cold yesterday and so woke up with the ache in my throat. The previous day was very exhausted, I drove about 1000km and I had to grapple the strong wind and very bad road surface – it required much attention. It was possible to drive sitting on a seat, but slowly. To driver faster was possible just standing – all the bumps to absorb by legs, which caused fatigue. Also the lack of sleep was felt.
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There was nothing special on the seventh day. One of my plans was to sleep in Novosibirsk, where I knew people I could stay. When 200km were left to Novosibirsk, I met a few bikers on their way home. They offered me a sleep, but because we moved in different speed, so we agreed to call about it and meet later after a few hours. Everything in this trip changed quickly and unpredictably especially my decisions about the sleep place. Every offer to get sleep closer to my final destination place I accepted with big pleasure. So when I got an offer to drive a bit further than Novosibirsk (250km) and stay in Kemerov I even didn’t hesitate about it.
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The rest 300km I drove together with young biker who got his driving license just four days ago and during a few days he drove already several thousand of kilometers. He drove very carefully, especially when overtaking other vehicles. To make it easier for him, we agreed that I go first. At dusk we’ve reached sleep place. The motorcycle was parked safely in his father’s garage, later we’ve got hot dinner and went to sleep and rest. The “small town” where I’ve stayed is 95 years old and its population is about 600 000. The purpose of the next day was Krasnoyarsk, where I planned to change road tires into off-road tires “Continental” TKC80.
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This decision was made still being in Lithuania and planning a trip. I presumed that the road will be worse and worse behind Krasnoyarsk and it will be safer and faster to drive gravel roads with off-road tires. On a way to Krasnoyarsk I passed more than 200 bikers. All of them were going to biker jamboree in Novosibirsk. Russians understand the distances in different way – it is normal to travel 1000km for a weekend party or to visit a girlfriend.
The question is that how many such travelling boyfriends that girl has, because not every girl has patient to wait for that only biker who is coming to visit her coming from another timeline. I was joking with locals asking if it is the truth that there are bears walking in the roads, but they were just laughing at it and saying that there are no roads and bears just simply walking. In fact, it is possible to see a lot of bear jackstraws in roadsides. Some of them you can buy, and somebodies take 100 rubles fee to get a photo with it. I found one free of charge lying on the roadside eviscerated.
lis_vlad_big 58
The locals say that you should be afraid of people not of bears. There was murdered a Japanese biker – photographer traveling from Japan to Kuwait close to Chilok village in 2012. He put a tent near the village and was found with 34 stabs on his body. Just a motorbike was stolen, which was found after a few days also the murderers were also found – they were two young people 20 and 21 years old, working nowhere and earlier convicted for theft. This is a warning that it’s better to choose a bear bearing for sleep than to sleep close to the people you don’t know. There were also a lot of mushrooms sellers on the roadsides, just I didn’t notice that someone would stop and buy them. It seemed more it was the way to spend the time. Sit on the roadside, talk to alter ego and later go home and make mushrooms for dinner. During the trip, I noticed that people in Russia looks into the rear-view mirrors more carefully than Lithuania. It seems that drivers in these countries should not be used to the motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles, but it’s not so, they are really observant. However, since it is difficult to believe that Russian drivers more conscious than the Germans, I make the assumption that there is a norm – “The truth depends to those whose car is more luxurious.” Most obviously are aware that many motorcycles are more expensive than their car or they just watching the rear-view mirror not to miss of coming BMW X6.
lis_vlad_big 73
But I saw really many of various different types of motorbikes on the roads. I was escorted by two policemen driving motorbikes to a service center, which could not be find neither with GPS help nor with people and map in Krasnoyarsk. After a small talk to locals I changed my tires to off-road Continental TKC80.
lis_vlad_big 129
It was a pity to leave tires of quite good condition, but to change tires it was necessary, as the road were getting worse. Although they are repaired quite well in some places, but mostly they were wavy and bumpy, also there were many of road works. Some road sections without asphalt surface lasted in tens kilometers. The speed depended from the road condition – in some places it was possible to drive 130km/h, bit in other places only 30km/h. Anyway I have to focus on the rod I was driving. The big pit or hillock could suddenly appear in the middle of smooth surface road or in the middle of turn the asphalt just ended and started the gravel road. Wasn’t possible to relax any single minute, I have to be focused by 100%. Last evening occurred not like I planned. The sleeping place was foreseen in 200km behind Krasnoyarsk.
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I have contact of biker living there, but it happened so that the friend who gave me the contacts made a mistake of the city, and I passed Borodino and stopped only near Kansk. When I contacted him I have been passed over 70km further. I was going to go further, but the mist fell and to continue the trip was unsafe. So I returned to Borodino and spent the night at local bikers place. That evening I got a very attractive offer to visit the closed city Zelenogorsk, but I had to refuse because I didn’t want to waste my time, and in the morning visiting the open coal mine on the way I left Borodino and continued my trip towards Irkutsk. The weather was very interested. I could felt the smog in the air in some places and it was so strong as you could never feel it in Vilnius. The visibility was only a few kilometers and further wasn’t possible to see anything due to that smog.
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The reason of this is that there are a lot of mines, factories around this area, in every village there is chimney releasing fume. Heavy equipment also does not add freshness. According to the local people, the main cause of smog is burning taiga.
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People specially ignite the fire in woods, and when the fire is extinguished, the wood loses its value and it is sold to China market bought almost for nothing.
lis_vlad_big 64
What is waiting for me behind Irkutsk – it’s difficult to say.lis_vlad_big 64 I tried to ask about it of local bikers, but talk about Transbaikalia like about cosmos. “There are no roads, just lot of forests and etc.” – they told me. Of course this is not truth. Those who drove there by cars say that the roads are better today, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, there has been raining all the month already nad some road sections are washed out. So the only thing, what could be prognosed, that at the end of the day I will be very tired. Although navigation showed that to drive 500km is possible within 5-6 hours, nevertheless it was not possible to trust on it like it was possible to trust in Europe. The fact is that Russians improved in road construction – I saw many new roads. lis_vlad_big 41But looking at the fact that the main road passes through the swamp, so it is not suprising, that the quality is so poor. Asphalt mat consists of even 5 meters of gravel embankments in some places, but beneath of it the situated swamp beause of the temperature differences possibly lift the aphalt. Even those parts, which are newly constructed just a few years ago, are already repaired and still are dimpled.lis_vlad_big 68 Nevertheless to ride such road by bike is much more fun than by car. Its because the weehls are only two not four and its easier to hit the road without potholes part. Occurred such places where traveling by car you should not have a choice – you should still have to drive through the pit with some wheels. In some places the road was so wavy, that the bike was swinging that I rode leaping. So I had a long ride standing up, in order to absorb the bumps. I have reached Irkutsk after dark, got wet and cold, but Dobromir’s sauna at his romote area near Irkutsk quickly warmed all my bones. In the morning the first bike fall was waiting for me. The truth is that the fall was possibly in the evening already, when two Uzbeks or Tajiks living at Dobromir’s house desired to get photo with the bike.lis_vlad_big 54 Apparently my persuasions unconvinced to wait for the morning and they tried to perform a photo themselves. I found my motorbike lying on a grass. The truth is that damages were minimal and it didn’t stop me to continue my journey. Going further from Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude I had to overcome a very fun road section through the mountains. Motorcyclists love such places – a good path, wide turns, and for the less powerful cars it is quite difficult to “creep” in these places. In general the heavy-duty vehicles just hardly moving up and in short straight distances it is very difficult to overtake them, unless you drive the motorcycle. The road from Ulan-Ude to Chita went through less mountainous places, there were less of gas stations, just in approximately every 150 km, almost in each of them I had to stop for filling the fuel. lis_vlad_big 133Although I worried I would not find of 95-s brand gasoline, but however it was there and the entire journey only a few times I had to use 92nd brand gasoline. Of course I used 98 brand fuel if there were a possibility. So, after the fuel filling the trip continued further. It was raining nearly every day. Some sections of the road were in a very bad condition and to drive faster was possible only standing on a bike. lis_vlad_big 90According to my calculation I drove in such way about 300km. Because of the poor road condition I had my first the most serious technical fault I’ve lost the register number of my motorbike, so I had to continue to ride as many local bikers – without it. Chita I reached almost at midnight. Vladimir waited for me in petrol station to make it easier to escort me home. I can’t stop exiting about hospitality and kindness of Russians. Well, of course, that I would respond in the same way but in a rotten capitalist Europe such relations are forgotten even then when the church has burned heretics at stake and has burned all normal people.DCIM101GOPRO After a very delicious dinner and 50g (not 500!) of a good brandy for a better sleep, I found myself in the soft bed, what is not very good. After such pleasures of civilization it is very difficult to concentrate and force myself to continue to yearn. So I left with the idea to make the day easier and to stop for a sleep in Mogocho, but suddenly appeared the sun shining adjusted my plan very quickly and Timuras from Shimanovsk convinced me to drive more miserable 600 kilometers to their today’s destination –home – where we could safely park a motorcycle in the garage. I drove about 1300km on that day.lis_vlad_big 89 To overcome such distance driving alone is not so easy, but when I have been escorted by other bikers – one drove in front of me and other behind me knowing the road very well, then to drive was quite easy. Then it is not necessary to think about what is waiting in front of you on the road, you just need to observe the behavior of your colleague running in front of you, where he stops and turns. The population in Shimanovsk is only about 30 000. However, arriving at night, the view was uncanny – for long-lasting rain almost the whole city was under water. In many places the electricity power was turned off due to the safety. The main road entrance was totally closed. So Timuras escorted me up to the main road in the morning that I would not get lost. We made a few pictures, promised to visit each other someday and then I moved on further towards this day purpose to reach Chabarovsk. lis_vlad_big 86

lis_vlad_big 85

lis_vlad_big 91
Further on the way I saw terribly flooded meadows, houses and villages. It was really not so much asphalt on the further road, so the average speed was not very big and during the day I understood that to reach Vladivostock on the same day I could only if I would overcome the capacities of mine, my bike and the road, risking that it might be my last trip. Maybe the distance of 800 kilometers from Shimanovsk to Chabarovsk was not very long, but it was still more of 750km remained till the final destination.lis_vlad_big 93 After Igor hospitable welcome the morning was not very easy and only rain prevented a quick run and refreshed at the same time. Suddenly the road gradually outgrew to the four-lane highway and the table with Vladivostok name on it forced me to stop and make a photo. lis_vlad_big 95This photo making couldn’t continue very long, because the guard presented very quickly and asked me to leave. Yes… I didn’t mention it before, but the most bridges in Russia are protected. The guard sits at the bridge end and protects the bridge from the dark forces. I tried to find out what the bridges are protected from, and the answer was “from terrorist act”. I didn’t attempt to explain 28 possible plans to execute the terrorist act even if would sit in his lodge. lis_vlad_big 117 I gave him a big smile ant drove further towards the city center. And in the next station Ilja has met me. After a small talk we drove to find two Poles who came from Mongolia and wanted to dispatch their motorbikes by train to Moscow. Here I felt my advantage that I knew Russian language. The price for bike shipment for Poles was 670USD and my price was 420USD. lis_vlad_big 107Of course I was pleased, but the question was why? The answer was very simple – Poles are foreigners and you are homey. The mission completed – trip was over, but I had plane tickets back just in 10 days, which I’ve exchanged successfully to the tickets after four days on the next day. The rest days I’ve spent in Vladivostok sightseeing and communicating with local bikers. lis_vlad_big 124
Finish !

The trip took 290 hours (12 days and 2 hours)
Totally driven kilometers 14 545km
Average trip speed: 50km/h
Average driving speed: 103km/h
Average fuel consumption: 7.2L/100km
Consumed fuel: 1047L
It is consist: A80-19L; A92-124L; A95-637L; A98-267L
The fuel filling time: 8 hours
Paid fines: 0 money
Russian visa: 100USD
Plain ticket Vilnius- Brussels – Lisbon: 3000USD
Plain ticket Vladivostock – Moscow – Vilnius: 900USD
Motorbike shipment Vilnius – Lisbon: 800USD
Motorbike shipment Vladivostok – Moscow: 420USD
Fuel expenses: about 1600USD
Food expenses: about 400USD
Bed expenses: about 600USD
Other expences: about 400USD
Totally: 5520USD

lis_vlad_big 115


World record moto drive Lisbon – Vladivostok with Honda Crosstourer from operatorius.lt Aidas Bubinas on Vimeo.

Lissabon – Vladivostok from operatorius.lt Aidas Bubinas on Vimeo.

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